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  1. Photo of Jehane Noujaim

    Jehane Noujaim Director, Executive Producer, Cinematography, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nick Fraser

    Nick Fraser Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Mette Hoffman Meyer

    Mette Hoffman Meyer Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Andrew P. Hurwitz

    Andrew P. Hurwitz Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Abdallah Schleifer

    Abdallah Schleifer Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Rosadel Varela

    Rosadel Varela Producer, Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Samir Khader

    Samir Khader Cast

  8. Photo of Josh Rushing

    Josh Rushing Cast

  9. Photo of George W. Bush

    George W. Bush Cast

  10. Photo of Hassan Ibrahim

    Hassan Ibrahim Cast

  11. Photo of Deema Khatib

    Deema Khatib Cast

  12. Photo of Tom Mintier

    Tom Mintier Cast

  13. Photo of Donald Rumsfeld

    Donald Rumsfeld Cast

  14. Photo of David Shuster

    David Shuster Cast

  15. Photo of Julia Bacha

    Julia Bacha Editing, Screenplay

  16. Photo of Lilah Bankier

    Lilah Bankier Editing

  17. Photo of Charles Marquardt

    Charles Marquardt Editing

  18. Photo of Alan Oxman

    Alan Oxman Editing

  19. Photo of Thomas DeRenzo

    Thomas DeRenzo Music

  20. Photo of Hani Salama

    Hani Salama Music, Producer