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  1. Photo of Giovanni Bertolucci

    Giovanni Bertolucci Producer

  2. Photo of Enrico Medioli

    Enrico Medioli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Suso Cecchi D'Amico

    Suso Cecchi D'Amico Screenplay

  4. Photo of Luchino Visconti

    Luchino Visconti Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Pasqualino De Santis

    Pasqualino De Santis Cinematography

  6. Photo of Burt Lancaster

    Burt Lancaster Cast

  7. Photo of Helmut Berger

    Helmut Berger Cast

  8. Photo of Silvana Mangano

    Silvana Mangano Cast

  9. Photo of Claudia Marsani

    Claudia Marsani Cast

  10. Photo of Stefano Patrizi

    Stefano Patrizi Cast

  11. Photo of Ruggero Mastroianni

    Ruggero Mastroianni Editing

  12. Photo of Mario Garbuglia

    Mario Garbuglia Production Design

  13. Photo of Franco Mannino

    Franco Mannino Music

  14. Photo of Claudio Maielli

    Claudio Maielli Sound

  15. Photo of Claudia Cardinale

    Claudia Cardinale Cast

  16. Photo of Dominique Sanda

    Dominique Sanda Cast

  17. Photo of Elvira Cortese

    Elvira Cortese Cast

  18. Photo of Philippe Hersent

    Philippe Hersent Cast

  19. Photo of Guy Tréjan

    Guy Tréjan Cast

  20. Photo of Jean-Pierre Zola

    Jean-Pierre Zola Cast

  21. Photo of Umberto Raho

    Umberto Raho Cast

  22. Photo of Enzo Fiermonte

    Enzo Fiermonte Cast

  23. Photo of Romolo Valli

    Romolo Valli Cast

  24. Photo of George Clatot

    George Clatot Cast