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  1. Photo of Faruk Aksoy

    Faruk Aksoy Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Ayse Germen

    Ayse Germen Producer

  3. Photo of Şafak Güçlü

    Şafak Güçlü Screenplay

  4. Photo of İrfan Saruhan

    İrfan Saruhan Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ertunç Senkay

    Ertunç Senkay Cinematography

  6. Photo of Alp Kırşan

    Alp Kırşan Cast

  7. Photo of Okan Karacan

    Okan Karacan Cast

  8. Photo of Paşhan Yılmazel

    Paşhan Yılmazel Cast

  9. Photo of Berksan

    Berksan Cast

  10. Photo of Simge Tertemiz

    Simge Tertemiz Cast

  11. Photo of Duygu Çetinkaya

    Duygu Çetinkaya Cast

  12. Photo of Sevil Uyar

    Sevil Uyar Cast

  13. Photo of Ceyda Ateş

    Ceyda Ateş Cast

  14. Photo of Ozan Aydemir

    Ozan Aydemir Cast

  15. Photo of Mustafa Topaloğlu

    Mustafa Topaloğlu Cast

  16. Photo of Cüneyt Arkın

    Cüneyt Arkın Cast

  17. Photo of Sibel Tüzün

    Sibel Tüzün Cast

  18. Photo of Erkan Özekan

    Erkan Özekan Editing