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  1. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Cool World

  2. HKFanatic's rating of the film Cool World

    Having grown up with the marketing campaign, I'd always assumed "Cool World" was a film about a successful comic book artist who gets pulled into an animated world of his own creation (which sounds like a fun movie). In reality, it's about...Brad Pitt as a WWII vet living in an alternate dimension? Just be grateful for the stellar soundtrack - Ministry, Thrill Kill Kult - and Bakshi's expressionistic art direction.

  3. Paul Prt's rating of the film Cool World

    Interesting ideas but so poor in execution.

  4. Billy Casper's World's rating of the film Cool World

    A cool concept that could've been so much better if the studio had allowed the artists the freedom that the director and artists were allowed on the seminal 80s animation Heavy Metal. The live action and animation concept doesn't work as well as in the similar live action animation film Who Framed Roger Rabbit. A disappointment because of what might've been it's still fun but without the substance of Heavy Metal.

  5. Gabriel Monade's rating of the film Cool World

    I'm not sure if it was a purely artistic choice or the limits of special effects but the cartoon/live mixing barely works and the story isn't good enough to look past the cardboard cutouts.

  6. Kotryna's rating of the film Cool World

    so dull, yet it has something

  7. mávros skýlos's rating of the film Cool World

  8. Z's rating of the film Cool World

    I admire this film for it's ambition and it's sheer, off the wall, psychedelic insanity. Bakshi lets his imagination run wild, creating a frenzied, manic atmosphere of cartoon mayhem. It does not really work as a narrative, the characters are cardboard and it's hard to care about anyone on screen. However, I can't recall too many 90's pictures aimed at the mainstream that are this weird and wild. Love the soundtrack.

  9. jenifferp's rating of the film Cool World

  10. Juliet Benson's rating of the film Cool World

    I am amazed by how many people fail to appreciate the hallucinatory, playful goodness of this film. Certainly it's upsetting that Bakshi wasn't allowed to pursue his original idea for it, but the way people criticize it is shockingly lacking in humour. If you go into something like this expecting something serious and logical, you're bound to be disappointed. If you want something mind-altering and absurd, this is it

  11. sfcugura's rating of the film Cool World

    First time I've seen this movie was when I was a kid and it was awesome. Couple of days ago, I've read the original Bakshi's idea on Wikipedia, and when I watched it again, I couldn't get it out of my head and I just kept thinking, man, it would have been so much better! I kinda also wanted to punch Basinger after reading that Barrymore was his first choice for the bimbo :P

  12. Westley's rating of the film Cool World

    It's not really a very good movie, but it is at least interesting and worth watching. It's certainly better than that atrocity of a film "Monkeybone".

  13. AnaRui's rating of the film Cool World

    I have a sift spot for worlds inhabited by toons... so I'm not an impartial rater.

  14. Max the Movie Guy's rating of the film Cool World

    Settling for a nonsensical LSD nightmare instead of a more adult horror film, this World is nowhere near as Cool as it might have been.

  15. Danny Bailey's rating of the film Cool World

    a poorly done rip-off of "roger rabbit"

  16. Tony Pauletto's rating of the film Cool World

    Cool World has some of Bakshi's finest lurid cartooning and surrealist paintings, but the shabby storytelling is unforgivable.

  17. Christian Kieffer's rating of the film Cool World

    It's really the third act where the film completely falls apart.

  18. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Cool World

    A major missed opportunity from director Ralph Bakshi. An original story that had a lot of interesting possibilities is let down by a muddled script, uneven performances, and lackluster production values. It uneasily tries to blend cartoon wackiness with the darker aspects of the story (its PG-13 maybe a hinderance), though it does get better toward the end. Worth watching for its originality, but a disappointment.

  19. Checkpoint Charlie's rating of the film Cool World

    Was rather entertaining in my youth, what with all you usually wouldn't see in a cartoon...what keeps me in is David Bowie's "Real Cool World."