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  1. Били Питон's rating of the film Cop Out

  2. That Geek With The Clip-Ons's rating of the film Cop Out

    Oh how I wanted to like this movie. I like the director, I like the cast, I like buddy cop movies. But my god was this painful to sit through.

  3. James Mackin's rating of the film Cop Out

    Tracy Morgan can't save this film. This is shit.

  4. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Cop Out

    2010, dir. KEVIN SMITH - 5/10 (USA)

  5. chris naughton's rating of the film Cop Out

    Wow! That was bad. I can not believe how long 90 minutes can feel. Once again feel the shock of watching BW- you were once in Carneys Pt, my God, something is possible in life. The key to satire is to outdo/outperform that thing you are making fun of. Like Zappa's music or Mike Patton's. This needed to be a strong cop-movie in order to make fun of cop-movies. Throwaway script was a bad idea.

  6. Mike Plaid's rating of the film Cop Out

    I would have to agree with CJ Roy, apart from a few bits here and there I actually found this movie really boring. I think the fact that Kevin Smith didn't write this film really made the difference.

  7. Coheed 2.5's rating of the film Cop Out

    Not able to add this to my list of films I've watched because, after 10 minutes or so into it, I realised that I was wasting my time and decided to watch Cronenberg's Cosmopolis instead. For someone like myself whose golden rule is to watch any film all the way through, even the worst ones, to have given up on it really says something for how bad it was.

  8. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Cop Out

    The weakest Kevin Smith film by far.

  9. Bill Arceneaux's rating of the film Cop Out

    At least I can reach for my copy of "Clerks 2" after this.

  10. Don't Get Nasty Brother's rating of the film Cop Out

  11. Phoenix Rising's rating of the film Cop Out

    I wasn't expecting much, and I got what I expected. What the hell happened to you Kevin Smith? You used to be great. This is what happens when you try to make fun of the genre by flat out copying its films. I can't even call it mediocre, it was just flat out terrible...

  12. Edward Copeland's rating of the film Cop Out

    Kevin Smith directs his first screenplay that he didn't write and the result is a disaster.

  13. Checkpoint Charlie's rating of the film Cop Out

    A decent piece from Smith, love the intentionally retro Faltermeyer score!

  14. Nutter Jr's rating of the film Cop Out

    Moronic, shallow, unsure of whether it is Disney type of story line about a father trying to with the rich father in law, a comedy with adolescent jokes or a cop film: it fails in all areas.

  15. mjgildea's rating of the film Cop Out

    The good news: Kevin Smith didn't write Cop Out, meaning you get to avoid a cavalcade of characters who have the exact same vocabulary and speak in the exact same rhythm/cadence. The bad news: just like most Kevin Smith movies as of late, the only chance of you having a good opinion of this movie lies in you only seeing it once as each successive viewing is going to slaughter any positive memory you have of it.

  16. Valu2009's rating of the film Cop Out

    What a shame, Kevin, I trusted you. Zach and Miri was not a masterpiece but was still funny and intelligent, but this time it's like you put everything into the dumber machine. Silly plot, silly actors, everything is so predictable and deadly boring...what a shame, yes. But I will give you another chance, so next time please think about your fans, most of them are not dumb as this movie is.

  17. bknight23's rating of the film Cop Out

    I tried to hang out and relax with my nephew so we watched this film. Terrible idea. Ended up being Walk Out because this thing was such a piece of shit. I am actually upset about how truly awful this movie really is. Things this bad should be burned in the town square. Perhaps the worst film I have ever seen...etc, etc, etc...

  18. Steve's rating of the film Cop Out

    So long Kevin Smith. It was a good run

  19. tinch's rating of the film Cop Out

    How was this on the 2008 Black List and why was it even made?

  20. Karina Ai Nurunnisa's rating of the film Cop Out

    Willis looks dumb. still this is so effing funny :))

  21. Brandon Isaacson's rating of the film Cop Out

    I was surprisingly thoroughly entertained by this film and I don't think it's nearly as bad as people make it up to be. Smith didn't strike gold, but he did pretty good. I don't see this as a blip in his career honestly.

  22. CJ Roy's rating of the film Cop Out

    The most disappointed I have ever been with Smith, Morgan and Willis. Just depressing.