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  1. Photo of Waris Hussein

    Waris Hussein Director

  2. Photo of Dick Clark

    Dick Clark Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Dan Paulson

    Dan Paulson Executive Producer

  4. Photo of R.W. Goodwin

    R.W. Goodwin Producer

  5. Photo of James Lipton

    James Lipton Screenplay

  6. Photo of Bobby Byrne

    Bobby Byrne Cinematography

  7. Photo of Michael Jablow

    Michael Jablow Editing

  8. Photo of Tracy Bousman

    Tracy Bousman Production Design

  9. Photo of Barry Manilow

    Barry Manilow Cast

  10. Photo of Annette O'Toole

    Annette O'Toole Cast

  11. Photo of Estelle Getty

    Estelle Getty Cast

  12. Photo of James T. Callahan

    James T. Callahan Cast

  13. Photo of Andra Akers

    Andra Akers Cast

  14. Photo of Silvana Gallardo

    Silvana Gallardo Cast

  15. Photo of Joseph Bologna

    Joseph Bologna Cast

  16. Photo of Ernie Sabella

    Ernie Sabella Cast

  17. Photo of Cliff Osmond

    Cliff Osmond Cast

  18. Photo of Dwier Brown

    Dwier Brown Cast

  19. Photo of Stanley Brock

    Stanley Brock Cast

  20. Photo of Clarence Felder

    Clarence Felder Cast

  21. Photo of Hamilton Camp

    Hamilton Camp Cast