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  1. redux's rating of the film Copacabana

    It's a shame Huppert is being celebrated for the moronic 'Elle', while this gem of hers is barely known. It's one of those comedies that won't care about gags, but exhilarate through their insistence on the micro-realist social and psychological detail. Huppert does a wonderful job in putting all that detail across, drawing from her resources as a great dramatic actress.

  2. Mic-kosh-ka's rating of the film Copacabana

  3. Gloria Alejandra Torres Pinto's rating of the film Copacabana

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Copacabana

    Another powerhouse performance from France's greatest actress anchors this tale of a woman who has been somewhat of a failure as both a mother and a provider who takes a job in Osterd hoping to prove to her grown daughter that she can be responsible. Other than the hokey plot device near the conclusion the film excels. Would not have succeeded quite as well with a lesser actress in the lead. Competent support cast.

  5. CCLZA's rating of the film Copacabana

    I wasn't expecting this from Huppert or the film itself. The actress plays the lead with gusto and delivers perfect comic timing in the broad moments as well as the more intimate, character-building segments. It's all very light and fast-moving and for the most part, a delight.

  6. Lucas Silva's rating of the film Copacabana

    It's a great french movie! Kind of disturbing...

  7. marcorenton's rating of the film Copacabana

    A dog named Ecstacy, that made me laugh.

  8. Ally the Manic Listmaker's rating of the film Copacabana

    LOL this film was interesting and fun. It also reminded me of some of my own family problems and was emotionally moving.