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Ratings & Reviews

  1. João R's rating of the film Copycat

    The premise was interesting, but this had me both intrigued and bored in equal amounts.

  2. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Copycat

    Well the title don't lie. This is a copycat of a movie about a serial-killer that do things we have seen other serial-killers do before. There are two strong actresses in the main roles who are watchable and the main reason for watching this film. Annoying ending ask for a sequel that never will happen.

  3. PeterK94's rating of the film Copycat

    I’m surprised I’ve never heard of this film before; watched it on a whim and thoroughly enjoyed it.

  4. Stanislav Lukianov's rating of the film Copycat

  5. Emily O's rating of the film Copycat

    if u a smart lady if u a strong lady get ready to be beat up for it. weird f*ckin genre

  6. Thomas's rating of the film Copycat

  7. Mugino's rating of the film Copycat

    One star for Weaver, one star for Hunter, and one star for Connick Jr's teeth from "The Big Book of British Smiles".

  8. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Copycat

    Apprezzabile pellicola di Amiel,in linea con i thriller di moda negli anni '90.I personaggi sono caratterizzati in maniera grossolana,ma la storia tiene e la curiosità per il prossimo omicidio c'è sempre.Un pò troppo femminista per miei gusti(gli uomini sono tutti abbastanza idioti e l unico serio muore come un deficiente),ma il ritmo e lo script tengono abbastanza fino alla fine.