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  1. Photo of Antonio Meliande

    Antonio Meliande Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Roberto Mauro

    Roberto Mauro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rajá de Aragão

    Rajá de Aragão Screenplay

  4. Photo of Meiry Vieira

    Meiry Vieira Cast

  5. Photo of Sérgio Hingst

    Sérgio Hingst Cast

  6. Photo of Zilda Mayo

    Zilda Mayo Cast

  7. Photo of Edgard Franco

    Edgard Franco Cast

  8. Photo of Arlete Moreira

    Arlete Moreira Cast

  9. Photo of Genésio de Carvalho

    Genésio de Carvalho Cast

  10. Photo of Zelia Martins

    Zelia Martins Cast

  11. Photo of Nicole Puzzi

    Nicole Puzzi Cast

  12. Photo of Antonio Polo Galante

    Antonio Polo Galante Producer and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Gilberto Wagner

    Gilberto Wagner Editing