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  1. Photo of Pascal Morelli

    Pascal Morelli Director

  2. Photo of Natalia Borodin

    Natalia Borodin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Thierry Thomas

    Thierry Thomas Screenplay

  4. Photo of Hugo Pratt

    Hugo Pratt Screenplay

  5. Photo of Richard Berry

    Richard Berry Cast

  6. Photo of Patrick Bouchitey

    Patrick Bouchitey Cast

  7. Photo of Barbara Schulz

    Barbara Schulz Cast

  8. Photo of Marie Trintignant

    Marie Trintignant Cast

  9. Photo of Frédéric van den Driessche

    Frédéric van den Driessche Cast

  10. Photo of Marc Chapiteau

    Marc Chapiteau Cast

  11. Photo of Maxime Leroux

    Maxime Leroux Cast

  12. Photo of Franco Piersanti

    Franco Piersanti Music

  13. Photo of Robert Réa

    Robert Réa Producer

  14. Photo of Jean-Noël Yven

    Jean-Noël Yven Sound

  15. Photo of Josette Zagar

    Josette Zagar Animation

  16. Photo of Vivian Miessen

    Vivian Miessen Animation

  17. Photo of Guillaume Lebois

    Guillaume Lebois Animation

  18. Photo of Patrick Imbert

    Patrick Imbert Animation

  19. Photo of Alexandre Hesse

    Alexandre Hesse Animation

  20. Photo of Juan Francisco González

    Juan Francisco González Animation

  21. Photo of Pierre Fassel

    Pierre Fassel Animation

  22. Photo of Christian Desmares

    Christian Desmares Animation

  23. Photo of Didier Cassegrain

    Didier Cassegrain Animation