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  1. Photo of Ivan Pyryev

    Ivan Pyryev Director

  2. Photo of Nikolay Pogodin

    Nikolay Pogodin Screenplay

  3. Photo of Marina Ladynina

    Marina Ladynina Cast

  4. Photo of Sergei Lukyanov

    Sergei Lukyanov Cast

  5. Photo of Vladimir Volodin

    Vladimir Volodin Cast

  6. Photo of Aleksandr Khvylya

    Aleksandr Khvylya Cast

  7. Photo of Sergei Blinnikov

    Sergei Blinnikov Cast

  8. Photo of Klara Luchko

    Klara Luchko Cast

  9. Photo of Ekaterina Savinova

    Ekaterina Savinova Cast

  10. Photo of Vladlen Davydov

    Vladlen Davydov Cast

  11. Photo of Andrey Petrov

    Andrey Petrov Cast

  12. Photo of Yuri Lyubimov

    Yuri Lyubimov Cast

  13. Photo of Boris Andreyev

    Boris Andreyev Cast

  14. Photo of Valentin Pavlov

    Valentin Pavlov Cinematography

  15. Photo of Isaak Dunayevsky

    Isaak Dunayevsky Music

  16. Photo of Anna Kulganek

    Anna Kulganek Editing

  17. Photo of Vyacheslav Leshchyov

    Vyacheslav Leshchyov Sound