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  1. Photo of André Forcier

    André Forcier Director, Screenplay, Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Linda Pinet

    Linda Pinet Screenplay, Producer, Editing

  3. Photo of Georgette Duchaine

    Georgette Duchaine Screenplay

  4. Photo of Daniel Jobin

    Daniel Jobin Cinematography

  5. Photo of Roy Dupuis

    Roy Dupuis Cast

  6. Photo of Céline Bonnier

    Céline Bonnier Cast

  7. Photo of Paolo Noël

    Paolo Noël Cast

  8. Photo of Mario Saint-Amand

    Mario Saint-Amand Cast

  9. Photo of Gaston Lepage

    Gaston Lepage Cast

  10. Photo of Maxime Desjardins-Tremblay

    Maxime Desjardins-Tremblay Cast

  11. Photo of Bianca Gervais

    Bianca Gervais Cast

  12. Photo of Michel Cusson

    Michel Cusson Music

  13. Photo of Kim Gaboury

    Kim Gaboury Music

  14. Photo of Louis Desparois

    Louis Desparois Sound

  15. Photo of Sophie Lefebvre

    Sophie Lefebvre Costume Design