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  1. Photo of Werner Schroeter

    Werner Schroeter Director

  2. Photo of Horst Alexander

    Horst Alexander Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dietrich Kuhlbrodt

    Dietrich Kuhlbrodt Screenplay

  4. Photo of Roberto Lerici

    Roberto Lerici Screenplay

  5. Photo of Antonio Salines

    Antonio Salines Cast

  6. Photo of Magdalena Montezuma

    Magdalena Montezuma Cast

  7. Photo of Kurt Raab

    Kurt Raab Cast

  8. Photo of Agnès Nobecourt

    Agnès Nobecourt Cast

  9. Photo of Renzo Rinaldi

    Renzo Rinaldi Cast

  10. Photo of Margit Carstensen

    Margit Carstensen Cast

  11. Photo of Roberto Tesconi

    Roberto Tesconi Cast

  12. Photo of Kristina Van Eyck

    Kristina Van Eyck Cast

  13. Photo of Heinrich Giskes

    Heinrich Giskes Cast

  14. Photo of Gabriela Gomez-Ortega

    Gabriela Gomez-Ortega Cast

  15. Photo of Laura Versari

    Laura Versari Cast

  16. Photo of Patrizia La Fonte

    Patrizia La Fonte Cast

  17. Photo of Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein

    Jörg Schmidt-Reitwein Cinematography

  18. Photo of Catherine Brasier-Snopko

    Catherine Brasier-Snopko Editing

  19. Photo of Martin Steyer

    Martin Steyer Sound