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  1. Photo of G.W. Pabst

    G.W. Pabst Director

  2. Photo of Hans Kyser

    Hans Kyser Screenplay

  3. Photo of Paul Ebner

    Paul Ebner Producer

  4. Photo of Maxim Galitzenstein

    Maxim Galitzenstein Producer

  5. Photo of Guido Seeber

    Guido Seeber Cinematography

  6. Photo of Hermann Warm

    Hermann Warm Production Design

  7. Photo of Henny Porten

    Henny Porten Cast

  8. Photo of Paul Hansen

    Paul Hansen Cast

  9. Photo of Friedrich Kayßler

    Friedrich Kayßler Cast

  10. Photo of Ferdinand von Alten

    Ferdinand von Alten Cast

  11. Photo of Eberhard Leithoff

    Eberhard Leithoff Cast

  12. Photo of Lantelme Dürer

    Lantelme Dürer Cast

  13. Photo of Karl Etlinger

    Karl Etlinger Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Brausewetter

    Hans Brausewetter Cast