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  1. Photo of Begoña Vicario

    Begoña Vicario Director and Animation

  2. Photo of Maialen Lujanbio

    Maialen Lujanbio Screenplay

  3. Photo of Eduardo Elósegi

    Eduardo Elósegi Cinematography and Editing

  4. Photo of Xabier Erkizia

    Xabier Erkizia Music

  5. Photo of Patxi Azpillaga

    Patxi Azpillaga Producer

  6. Photo of Vanesa Fernández-Guerra

    Vanesa Fernández-Guerra Producer

  7. Photo of Ibon Markaida

    Ibon Markaida Animation

  8. Photo of Kote Camacho

    Kote Camacho Animation

  9. Photo of Arrate López Apellániz

    Arrate López Apellániz Animation

  10. Photo of Izibene Oñederra

    Izibene Oñederra Animation

  11. Photo of Mariñe Arbeo

    Mariñe Arbeo Animation

  12. Photo of Oihana Leunda

    Oihana Leunda Animation

  13. Photo of Aitor Oñederra

    Aitor Oñederra Animation

  14. Photo of Ximon Agirre

    Ximon Agirre Animation

  15. Photo of Jon Zurimendi

    Jon Zurimendi Animation

  16. Photo of Xara Agirre

    Xara Agirre Animation

  17. Photo of Irantzu Yaldebere

    Irantzu Yaldebere Animation

  18. Photo of Andere Molinuevo

    Andere Molinuevo Animation

  19. Photo of Iosune Etxarte

    Iosune Etxarte Animation

  20. Photo of Malen Amenabar

    Malen Amenabar Animation

  21. Photo of Naiara Zuria Mauleón

    Naiara Zuria Mauleón Animation

  22. Photo of Zaloa Ipiña

    Zaloa Ipiña Animation

  23. Photo of Alots Arregi

    Alots Arregi Animation

  24. Photo of Roberto Zabarte

    Roberto Zabarte Animation