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  1. Aardsy's rating of the film Cover Girl

    Brooklyn is known for its oysters.

  2. Aaken's rating of the film Cover Girl

    Teaming of Gene Kelly and Rita Hayworth is perfect. She may not sing - her voice was dubbed in most cases, but her dancing wonderfully blends her acting skills and her terpsichorean talents. Great songs (Long ago and far away) and gorgeous technicolor.

  3. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Cover Girl

  4. Hugo Poderoso's rating of the film Cover Girl

    This one shouldn't be as good (the unremarkable Charles Vidor, Phil Silvers as one of the worst sidekicks I can remember) but, by sticking to some backstage musical tropes, playing intelligently with the flashback structure in style in the 40s and amping up the formal extravaganza it becomes a valuable object from the "Old Hollywood Going Slightly Weird" gallery.

  5. bernardovazdecastro's rating of the film Cover Girl

    2,5 yes, it's studio film and unfortunately in a bad sense. Why? You hardly find any language, giving the sensation that every single director could make this film. The camara doesn't move, always static in some big shot of the stage. Still, you have an incredible scene protagonize by Gene Kelly that's absolut mesmerizing (when he dance with is one reflection).

  6. SpacePirate's rating of the film Cover Girl

    Hayworth is lovely. A 5 star film, but I feel like Silvers was miscast and is quite annoying here. Deducting one star, othewise a joy from start to finish. Scene with Kelly dancing with himself is must see

  7. Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Cover Girl

    A film about objectification, desire, ambition, regret, jealousy, the thrill of performance; about doing something for the love of it & not for the fame. On-stage drama spills out behind the scenes; sense of joie de vivre, traces of Cocteau (as Kelly breaks the mirrored illusion of the screen to free himself of the id) & pure romanticism lead to a visual spectacle far greater than anything in today's CG blockbusters.

  8. egg emoji's rating of the film Cover Girl

    gene has sure got that whole dancing with myself thing down

  9. Jon's rating of the film Cover Girl

    Colors, costumes, hair, and heavenly musical numbers... what's not lo like?!

  10. riceball's rating of the film Cover Girl

    Seeing Kelly and Hayworth dance together is such a treat!

  11. Emma Joye's rating of the film Cover Girl

    They're so lovely together.

  12. Christopher M. Jones's rating of the film Cover Girl

    Unavoidable campy at points, Cover Girl is nonetheless a wonderfully charming slice of WWII-era Americana, with surprisingly robust characters and a lovely color palette. Feel-good film at its finest. And Gene Kelly has a danceoff with a hallucination of himself, which is worth the price of admission alone.

  13. MarcH's rating of the film Cover Girl

    You'll need some tolerance for Phil Silvers. I have none.

  14. Ally the Manic Listmaker's rating of the film Cover Girl