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  1. Photo of Romolo Guerrieri

    Romolo Guerrieri Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nico Ducci

    Nico Ducci Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mino Roli

    Mino Roli Screenplay

  4. Photo of Vittorio Schiraldi

    Vittorio Schiraldi Screenplay

  5. Photo of David Janssen

    David Janssen Cast

  6. Photo of Arthur Kennedy

    Arthur Kennedy Cast

  7. Photo of Maurizio Merli

    Maurizio Merli Cast

  8. Photo of Corinne Cléry

    Corinne Cléry Cast

  9. Photo of Philippe Leroy

    Philippe Leroy Cast

  10. Photo of Ivan Rassimov

    Ivan Rassimov Cast

  11. Photo of Giacomo Rossi Stuart

    Giacomo Rossi Stuart Cast

  12. Photo of Carla Romanelli

    Carla Romanelli Cast

  13. Photo of Faidon Georgitsis

    Faidon Georgitsis Cast

  14. Photo of Tom Felleghy

    Tom Felleghy Cast

  15. Photo of Giovanni Cianfriglia

    Giovanni Cianfriglia Cast

  16. Photo of Stefano Satta Flores

    Stefano Satta Flores Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Forest

    Michael Forest Cast

  18. Photo of John Gayford

    John Gayford Cast

  19. Photo of Frank von Kuegelgen

    Frank von Kuegelgen Cast

  20. Photo of Erico Menczer

    Erico Menczer Cinematography

  21. Photo of Stelvio Cipriani

    Stelvio Cipriani Music

  22. Photo of Antonio Siciliano

    Antonio Siciliano Editing