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  1. Photo of Guy Maddin

    Guy Maddin Director, Screenplay, and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Darcy Fehr

    Darcy Fehr Cast

  3. Photo of Melissa Dionisio

    Melissa Dionisio Cast

  4. Photo of Amy Stewart

    Amy Stewart Cast

  5. Photo of Tara Birtwhistle

    Tara Birtwhistle Cast

  6. Photo of Louis Negin

    Louis Negin Cast

  7. Photo of Mike Bell

    Mike Bell Cast

  8. Photo of David Stuart Evans

    David Stuart Evans Cast

  9. Photo of Henry Mogatas

    Henry Mogatas Cast

  10. Photo of Victor Cowie

    Victor Cowie Cast

  11. Photo of Herdis Maddin

    Herdis Maddin Cast

  12. Photo of Marion Martin

    Marion Martin Cast

  13. Photo of Shawna Conner

    Shawna Conner Production Design

  14. Photo of Philip Monk

    Philip Monk Producer

  15. Photo of John Gurdebeke

    John Gurdebeke Editing

  16. Photo of Meg McMillan

    Meg McMillan Costume Design