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  1. Photo of Roman Coppola

    Roman Coppola Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Willi Bär

    Willi Bär Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Francis Ford Coppola

    Francis Ford Coppola Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Georgia Kacandes

    Georgia Kacandes Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Gary Marcus

    Gary Marcus Producer

  6. Photo of Bob Bellion

    Bob Bellion Producer

  7. Photo of Jimmy de Brabant

    Jimmy de Brabant Producer

  8. Photo of Michael Polaire

    Michael Polaire Producer

  9. Photo of Robert D. Yeoman

    Robert D. Yeoman Cinematography

  10. Photo of Jeremy Davies

    Jeremy Davies Cast

  11. Photo of Angela Lindvall

    Angela Lindvall Cast

  12. Photo of Élodie Bouchez

    Élodie Bouchez Cast

  13. Photo of Gérard Depardieu

    Gérard Depardieu Cast

  14. Photo of Giancarlo Giannini

    Giancarlo Giannini Cast

  15. Photo of Massimio Ghini

    Massimio Ghini Cast

  16. Photo of Jason Schwartzman

    Jason Schwartzman Cast

  17. Photo of Billy Zane

    Billy Zane Cast

  18. Photo of Leslie Lewis

    Leslie Lewis Editing

  19. Photo of Dead Tavoularis

    Dead Tavoularis Production Design

  20. Photo of John Phillip Law

    John Phillip Law Cast

  21. Photo of Silvio Muccino

    Silvio Muccino Cast

  22. Photo of Dean Stockwell

    Dean Stockwell Cast

  23. Photo of Sofia Coppola

    Sofia Coppola Cast

  24. Photo of Romain Duris

    Romain Duris Cast