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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nino Lasso's rating of the film Crab Trap

    The reason why people find these achingly slow and "contemplative" movies entertaining is anyone's guess, and moreso if they're littered with unnecesary long takes and nonsensical lines. Yeah, neat points for casting non-actors and trying to avoid marketable narratives and plot-points while using outdoors scenery, but God, try to do it in the least pretentious way possible, pretty please.

  2. Jose Manuel Lopez Covarrubias's rating of the film Crab Trap

    odisea de imágenes, la vista y el oído en complicidad con el agua nos dan una clara idea llena de detalles de la vida en la costa, carnalidad, banalidad y un amor idílico que fructifica en la salida para el "otro lado", sin poder escapar de si mismo para seguir su búsqueda

  3. Ricardo Corona M's rating of the film Crab Trap

    Buen cine de contemplación. La playa es de todos.

  4. Staralfur's rating of the film Crab Trap

    I absolutely love how this was made, from top to toes. It's really delicate on the framing and mise-en-scène, for it really captures the essence of a peaceful place as La Barra. Well done!

  5. Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Crab Trap

    Engaging but distant portrait of a provincial Colombian town facing encroaching modernity represented by two disparate foreigners. One, a stranger passing through whose life is touched by the villagers, another a settler whose modern lifestyle begins to change everything. Beautifully hushed and observant, but not quite as deep as it thinks it is.

  6. Juan Pablo Cepeda Bolivar's rating of the film Crab Trap

    Its amazing and beautiful story about my country Colombia and Afrocolombian People. Pretty film.

  7. javier quintero's rating of the film Crab Trap

    When "meditative" and "contemplative" become formula

  8. Martin V's rating of the film Crab Trap

    This film was brilliant - the best I saw during my 6 days at the Berlinale.