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  1. Photo of Isaki Lacuesta

    Isaki Lacuesta Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Frank Nicotra

    Frank Nicotra Self

  3. Photo of Eduardo Arroyo

    Eduardo Arroyo Self

  4. Photo of María Luisa Borrás

    María Luisa Borrás Self

  5. Photo of Enrico Casassas

    Enrico Casassas Self

  6. Photo of Marcel Fleiss

    Marcel Fleiss Self

  7. Photo of Bernard Heidsieck

    Bernard Heidsieck Self

  8. Photo of Merlin Holland

    Merlin Holland Self

  9. Photo of Juli Lorente

    Juli Lorente Self

  10. Photo of Julia Lorente

    Julia Lorente Self

  11. Photo of Adalaide Perillos

    Adalaide Perillos Self

  12. Photo of Humberto Rivas

    Humberto Rivas Self

  13. Photo of Marian Varela

    Marian Varela Self

  14. Photo of Ester Xargay

    Ester Xargay Self

  15. Photo of Gerardo Gormezano

    Gerardo Gormezano Cinematography

  16. Photo of Víctor Nubla

    Víctor Nubla Music

  17. Photo of Pascal Comelade

    Pascal Comelade Music

  18. Photo of Xavier Atance

    Xavier Atance Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Paco Poch

    Paco Poch Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Domi Parra

    Domi Parra Editing

  21. Photo of Xavier Mas

    Xavier Mas Sound

  22. Photo of Ricard Casals

    Ricard Casals Sound

  23. Photo of Imma Rondan

    Imma Rondan Costume Design