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  1. Photo of Keiichi Hara

    Keiichi Hara Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Yoshito Usui

    Yoshito Usui Screenplay

  3. Photo of Keiji Fujiwara

    Keiji Fujiwara Voice

  4. Photo of Satomi Koorogi

    Satomi Koorogi Voice

  5. Photo of Miki Narahashi

    Miki Narahashi Voice

  6. Photo of Akiko Yajima

    Akiko Yajima Voice

  7. Photo of Yusaku Yara

    Yusaku Yara Voice

  8. Photo of Ai Kobayashi

    Ai Kobayashi Voice

  9. Photo of Michio Hazama

    Michio Hazama Voice

  10. Photo of Chikao Ôtsuka

    Chikao Ôtsuka Voice

  11. Photo of Kazuhiro Yamaji

    Kazuhiro Yamaji Voice

  12. Photo of Kenichi Ogata

    Kenichi Ogata Voice

  13. Photo of Noriko Uemura

    Noriko Uemura Voice

  14. Photo of Keiko Yamamoto

    Keiko Yamamoto Voice

  15. Photo of Hiroyuki Miyasako

    Hiroyuki Miyasako Voice

  16. Photo of Tôru Hotohara

    Tôru Hotohara Voice

  17. Photo of Rokurô Naya

    Rokurô Naya Voice

  18. Photo of Tesshō Genda

    Tesshō Genda Voice

  19. Photo of Hidenari Ugaki

    Hidenari Ugaki Voice

  20. Photo of Fumihiko Tachiki

    Fumihiko Tachiki Voice

  21. Photo of Junichi Yamakawa

    Junichi Yamakawa Producer