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  1. Photo of Mariano Laurenti

    Mariano Laurenti Director

  2. Photo of Maurizio Amati

    Maurizio Amati Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Gino Cappone

    Gino Cappone Screenplay

  4. Photo of Francesco Milizia

    Francesco Milizia Screenplay

  5. Photo of Federico Zanni

    Federico Zanni Cinematography

  6. Photo of Franco Delli Colli

    Franco Delli Colli Cinematography

  7. Photo of Enzo Cannavale

    Enzo Cannavale Cast

  8. Photo of Anna Maria Rizzoli

    Anna Maria Rizzoli Cast

  9. Photo of Bombolo

    Bombolo Cast

  10. Photo of Jacques Stany

    Jacques Stany Cast

  11. Photo of Saverio Vallone

    Saverio Vallone Cast

  12. Photo of Gianni Ciardo

    Gianni Ciardo Cast

  13. Photo of Vincenzo Crocitti

    Vincenzo Crocitti Cast

  14. Photo of Felice Andreasi

    Felice Andreasi Cast

  15. Photo of Sergio Di Pinto

    Sergio Di Pinto Cast

  16. Photo of Guido Nicheli

    Guido Nicheli Cast

  17. Photo of Ernesto Thole

    Ernesto Thole Cast

  18. Photo of Roberto Caporali

    Roberto Caporali Cast

  19. Photo of Giorgio Ariani

    Giorgio Ariani Cast

  20. Photo of Franca Mantelli

    Franca Mantelli Cast

  21. Photo of Adriana Giuffrè

    Adriana Giuffrè Cast

  22. Photo of Vincenzo Tomassi

    Vincenzo Tomassi Editing

  23. Photo of Elio Micheli

    Elio Micheli Production Design

  24. Photo of Stelvio Cipriani

    Stelvio Cipriani Music