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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film Creation

    The guilt over the death of the daughter may be historical, but Creation uses it to make Darwin appear less like a brilliant mind that makes humans question their origin and more like a cliched, kooky scientist often seen in the movies. It's also repetitive in its clashes-of-beliefs scenes with the Connelly character without giving us the whole picture. Bettany, however, is quite good as Darwin in this simple biopic.

  2. batuhan's rating of the film Creation

    A solid tribute to one of the greatest minds of history.

  3. Edgar's rating of the film Creation

    This is wonderful work by the two leads. It is very difficult to play opposite one's real-life partner, especially with a script like this.

  4. Riesca Amallia's rating of the film Creation

  5. Eduardo A.'s rating of the film Creation

    A bit too much of artistic license, perhaps. But in the end, a very emotional and beautiful film. Oh well, poor Alfred Russel Wallace, whom once again has been left alone in the sinuous and dark corridors of science history.

  6. Christopher's rating of the film Creation

    2.5/5 Although attempting to illustrate the possible psychological torment in Darwin's life, we are left with an over acted melodrama. Well produced and minorly thought provoking - but leaves you wanting a more in depth alternative. @ M.G. Wood - For a more conclusive documentary, try Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life by David Attenborough or The Genius of Charles Darwin by Richard Dawkins.

  7. Gary Wood's rating of the film Creation

    I greatly admired the effort. The filmmakers attempted to encapsulate a complex life story in a palpable melodrama. But, ultimately I believe I would much rather see a well-made documentary covering the same territory.

  8. facundo's rating of the film Creation