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  1. João R's rating of the film Creep

    You have to close your eyes to a lot of inconsistencies and unplausible paths before you can even start to try to enjoy this underground ride.

  2. Linda Wittgenstein's rating of the film Creep

  3. ofNatalie LA's rating of the film Creep

    A morality tale about never falling asleep on the tube. I can vouch, don't do it, ever. Reminds me of the Aldwych level of Tomb Raider III which is just a bonus.

  4. __'s rating of the film Creep

    Underrated top tier horror debut from the the decade's best horror filmmaker Christopher Smith.

  5. Katman_C's rating of the film Creep

    dark and gripping literally

  6. Alcock Hitchfred's rating of the film Creep

    I liked the concept (the clash between the upper class and the figures of the "underground", set in the tunnels, in the form of a horror film), but the script is just incredibly poorly written and it overshadows some gripping moments and Potente's performance. The social commentary still kinda works though...

  7. Omnimog's rating of the film Creep

    Incredibly bad directed.Potente has shown that she is a fine actress,so Smith has to take full responsibility for the instructions on the heavy panting throughout the entire movie,and the theatrical,inconsequent hysteria that is shown frequently.Also, the screenplay is shite,as there are noe consistency in developing characters, their behaviour or the degenerated storyline in itself, mostly.Provokingly stupid flick.

  8. Igor Leoni's rating of the film Creep

    Stinks. Poor Franka. Run from bad movies Lola, Run.

  9. Luka's rating of the film Creep

    Only in the London underground do you get a subhuman creep fucking heroin junkies with a rusty sword. If you don't want to have to travel an hour on the tube just so your girlfriend wouldn't be petrified to go alone, DO NOT watch this with her.

  10. goeienag's rating of the film Creep

    Direct, fun, straight to the gore. Nicely written. Oh, and Craig was delightfully repulsing. :)

  11. MichaelBarry's rating of the film Creep