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  1. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Creepshow

    Pulpy homage to E.C Comics' horror comics from the 1950s manage to bring some of the atmosphere that I got when I read the short comics with it's revenge-themed of "they had it coming to them" morale stories. Stephen King surprises in his best on-screen appearance ever as an redneck idiot farmer in one of the five short stories, but the best stories are with Leslie Nielsen and Hal Halbrook.

  2. Matthew Catanzano's rating of the film Creepshow

    thoroughly frightening, hilarious and filmic.

  3. Peter Walsh's rating of the film Creepshow

    A great fun silly schelppy schlock of a horror show, episodic in its nature in a way that serves the film well. The stories are strange and spiky in a way that's true to the horror comics it pays homage to. There isn't enough goofy Stephen King in this world, that's for sure.

  4. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Creepshow

  5. Louis Léonard's rating of the film Creepshow

  6. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Creepshow

    This film does take a while to find it's groove. The first two stories are way too campy and ridiculous to work as either horror or comedy. But, by the third story, it manages to find to find the proper mixture of style, scares and entertainment. It's not quite as good as I remember it being, but it has enough going for it to be a memorable experience and a fun tribute to the golden age of horror comics.

  7. FISCHER's rating of the film Creepshow

    Du bon et du moins bon, en toute bienvenue !

  8. Bambarambambam's rating of the film Creepshow

    Campy and fun, at least enjoyable as your late-night snack.

  9. Rocco's rating of the film Creepshow

    Call me a philistine but this one's reputation is based largely on nostalgia. Sure, it's a pleasant enough way to waste two hours but the stories themselves lack cleverness (besides The Crate which is just fabulous) and the visual flourishes grow creakier with each passing year. The performances, of course are wonderfully hammy and help to lift any narrative slack. Shamefully, I must admit that I prefer the sequel!

  10. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Creepshow

  11. Diego Ruscitto's rating of the film Creepshow

  12. ughchenausea's rating of the film Creepshow

  13. Ethan's rating of the film Creepshow

    Two horror titans collaborating on one of the most underrated comic book movies of all time. Lots of great talent in some pretty cool scenarios.

  14. Repardo's rating of the film Creepshow

    The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill

  15. William's rating of the film Creepshow

    All 5 stories are genuinely creepy, although I'm partial to the goofy tone of Stephen King's horrified hillbilly in "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill".

  16. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Creepshow

    A fun, pulpy horror anthology.

  17. Dogukan4Ever's rating of the film Creepshow

    dir. GEORGE A. ROMERO - 7/10

  18. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Creepshow

    Las historias de "Creepshow" van de bien a peor. Las dos primeras son las mejores. La animación de historietas es lo mejor del filme. A esto se adiciona la colaboración de Tom Savini, un genio para crear criaturas espeluznantes. Lo otro es la dirección de iluminación, es también otra ambientación de las historietas. Por último, el citado a distintos tipos de terror, no necesariamente el de los monstruos.

  19. Palmat's rating of the film Creepshow

    I had really fond memories of this from my childhood and I'm sad to say that some movies are best left not revisited...

  20. mjgildea's rating of the film Creepshow

    Admittedly, Creepshow is schlocky and over-the-top but between that and the overstylized and its Bavaesque look I love it. Creepshow also has a great cast and I find myself quoting it frequently. I know this is going to sound messed up, but Creepshow makes me very happy and I watch it every Father's Day.

  21. David's rating of the film Creepshow

    The first story is the most weak of the movie. The second one somehow goofy but misterious. The third one, was interesting but kinda weird at the end, still was nice to see Mr Nilsen in a different performance of what he was use to. The fourth one, along side the fifth, are my favourites just for being actually quite creepy and... disgusting. I liked the concept, and some of the effects. It was really entertaining.

  22. Luis Valenzuela's rating of the film Creepshow

    My two favourite stories were 3 and 5: The third one for good suspense and a really nice interpretation by Leslie Nielsen, and the fifth one for its gruesome shock value. All of them had their moments but I really think that stories 1, 2 and 4 could definetly had been a lot better. Flawed but if you are a horror fan, check it out: Its an entertaining and clever mix of horror and comedy but definetly not for everyone.

  23. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film Creepshow

    Las historias 1,2 y 4 me parecieron poco menos que mediocres. La tercera me gustó por su toque retorcido y la convincente actuación de Leslie Nielsen en plan psicópata, pero definitivamente la parte del león se la lleva la historia final de las cucarachas; aterradora y asquerosa a más no poder.

  24. film_lies101's rating of the film Creepshow

    The bug segment legit creeped me out

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