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  1. Photo of June Wyndham-Davies

    June Wyndham-Davies Director and Producer

  2. Photo of Oliver Horsbrugh

    Oliver Horsbrugh Director

  3. Photo of Brian Mills

    Brian Mills Director

  4. Photo of George Spenton-Foster

    George Spenton-Foster Director

  5. Photo of Mary McMurray

    Mary McMurray Director

  6. Photo of Peter Lovesey

    Peter Lovesey Screenplay

  7. Photo of Jacqueline Lovesey

    Jacqueline Lovesey Screenplay

  8. Photo of Brian Thompson

    Brian Thompson Screenplay

  9. Photo of Bill MacIlwraith

    Bill MacIlwraith Screenplay

  10. Photo of Arden Winch

    Arden Winch Screenplay

  11. Photo of Alan Dobie

    Alan Dobie Cast

  12. Photo of William Simons

    William Simons Cast

  13. Photo of David Waller

    David Waller Cast

  14. Photo of Alan Price

    Alan Price Production Design

  15. Photo of Chris Wilkinson

    Chris Wilkinson Production Design

  16. Photo of Stephen Fineren

    Stephen Fineren Production Design

  17. Photo of Tim Farmer

    Tim Farmer Production Design

  18. Photo of Peter Eckersley

    Peter Eckersley Executive Producer