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  1. Photo of Göran Gentele

    Göran Gentele Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Louise Forsell

    Louise Forsell Screenplay

  3. Photo of Staffan Tjerneld

    Staffan Tjerneld Play

  4. Photo of Birger Malmsten

    Birger Malmsten Cast

  5. Photo of Gunnel Broström

    Gunnel Broström Cast

  6. Photo of Margareta Fahlén

    Margareta Fahlén Cast

  7. Photo of Ulf Palme

    Ulf Palme Cast

  8. Photo of Curt Masreliez

    Curt Masreliez Cast

  9. Photo of Jan Molander

    Jan Molander Cast

  10. Photo of Yngve Nordwall

    Yngve Nordwall Cast

  11. Photo of Wiktor Andersson

    Wiktor Andersson Cast

  12. Photo of Elsa Ebbesen

    Elsa Ebbesen Cast

  13. Photo of Sten Dahlgren

    Sten Dahlgren Cinematography

  14. Photo of Willy Mattes

    Willy Mattes Music

  15. Photo of Lorens Marmstedt

    Lorens Marmstedt Producer

  16. Photo of Tage Holmberg

    Tage Holmberg Editing

  17. Photo of Olle Jacobsson

    Olle Jacobsson Sound

  18. Photo of Aaro Helmisalo

    Aaro Helmisalo Sound

  19. Photo of Nils Nilsson

    Nils Nilsson Art Department