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  1. Naoya Kugimiya's rating of the film Crimewave

  2. Matt's rating of the film Crimewave

    A madcap spoof of late-night thriller that plays like a live-action Waner Bros. cartoon with a more sinister edge.

  3. Redundant Cinema's rating of the film Crimewave

  4. eek's rating of the film Crimewave

    I really love this movie although it’s really not good in some segments, original screenplay had so much potential but producers didn’t let Raimi make what the Coen brothers had originally written with Bruce Campbell in the lead role. Still, you might enjoy it if you like this type of movies, there were a couple of great scenes and the rest was pretty dumb but really fun, in a cartoonishly-slapsticky way.

  5. Ademption's rating of the film Crimewave

    Live-action Tom & Jerry, which is difficult to find, because it is a bad experiment.

  6. Jon B's rating of the film Crimewave

    Take it as the live action cartoon it was intended to be. The use of the camera combined with the joyful ambition of the numerous hysterical action sequences, are remarkable. The dizziness of the film is not for all, but I'll always love it.