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  1. Photo of Daniel White

    Daniel White Music

  2. Photo of Juan Fortuny

    Juan Fortuny Screenplay, Director

  3. Photo of Marius Lesoeur

    Marius Lesoeur Screenplay, Executive Producer

  4. Photo of H.L. Rostaine

    H.L. Rostaine Screenplay

  5. Photo of Antonio Liza

    Antonio Liza Producer

  6. Photo of Raymond Heil

    Raymond Heil Cinematography

  7. Photo of Juan Alberto Soler

    Juan Alberto Soler Production Design

  8. Photo of Paul Naschy

    Paul Naschy Cast

  9. Photo of Silvia Solar

    Silvia Solar Cast

  10. Photo of Olivier Mathot

    Olivier Mathot Cast

  11. Photo of Evelyne Scott

    Evelyne Scott Cast

  12. Photo of Claude Boisson

    Claude Boisson Cast

  13. Photo of Gilda Arancio

    Gilda Arancio Cast

  14. Photo of Víctor Israel

    Víctor Israel Cast

  15. Photo of Roberto Mauri

    Roberto Mauri Cast

  16. Photo of Monique Gérard

    Monique Gérard Cast

  17. Photo of Alain Hardy

    Alain Hardy Cast

  18. Photo of Richard Kolin

    Richard Kolin Cast

  19. Photo of Antonia Lotito

    Antonia Lotito Cast

  20. Photo of Carlos Otero

    Carlos Otero Cast

  21. Photo of Jaume Picas

    Jaume Picas Cast