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  1. Photo of Nicole Newnham

    Nicole Newnham Screenplay, Producer, and Director

  2. Photo of James Lebrecht

    James Lebrecht Screenplay, Producer, and Director

  3. Photo of Justin Schein

    Justin Schein Cinematography

  4. Photo of Bear McCreary

    Bear McCreary Music

  5. Photo of Sara Bolder

    Sara Bolder Producer

  6. Photo of Barack Obama

    Barack Obama Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Michelle Obama

    Michelle Obama Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Tonia Davis

    Tonia Davis Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Priya Swaminathan

    Priya Swaminathan Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Howard Gertler

    Howard Gertler Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Eileen Meyer

    Eileen Meyer Editing

  12. Photo of Andrew Gersh

    Andrew Gersh Editing

  13. Photo of Mary Lampson

    Mary Lampson Editing

  14. Photo of Bijan Sharifi

    Bijan Sharifi Sound