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  1. Bob's rating of the film Critters

    Even without nostalgia factor - glam metal, cat named Chewie, E.T. action-figure, Ghostbusters, BMX - this one holds pretty good after all these years. Nowadays it's less scary and more comic, but at its core, it's a warm horror-comedy for both the little ones and the grownups. And it's a nice start for a franchise that managed to set itself above the influences that conceived it.

  2. Igor Leoni's rating of the film Critters

  3. Nolan Barth's rating of the film Critters

    "Critters" is a fun, irreverent horror film that fully embraces it's campy B-movie roots! This is film is an utter blast and it boasts some rather impressive visuals and practical effects for such a low budget film. "Critters" is the violent, cocaine infused Gremlins knock off that I didn't know how badly I needed in my life!

  4. Log Lady's rating of the film Critters

    A young Billy Zane with an awful mop of hair, the cursing creatures, the small town mindset reminiscent of older B-movies, the 80s madness etc. A lot better than what I thought this would be. Perhaps a more "adult" and violent version of Gremlins (which I love), but a little less funnier and self-aware?

  5. HKFanatic's rating of the film Critters

    As I watched 1986's "Critters" for the first time, my thoughts kept returning to Don Coscarelli's "Phantasm." While "Critters" doesn't aim for that film's dream-like atmosphere, it does share "Phantasm's" free-spirited willingness to blend elements of sci-fi, horror, and comedy, as well as the gumption to make such a high-concept plot work on a shoestring budget. The result is a bloody fun creature feature.

  6. Genre films > French New Wave's rating of the film Critters

    I didn't know you could get more B-movie than Gremlins, but this movie takes a little more from Alien. It's a lot darker and malicious than I thought it was going to be. The humor isn't there, but that's not a criticism. It's pretty damn cheesy in a B-movie way and I thought the ending was anti-climactic. That building of the house at the end was just stupidly absurd. Overall, not bad though!

  7. Tiago Batista Santos's rating of the film Critters

    Almost everything you need in the genre.

  8. Troy Savory's rating of the film Critters

  9. NenaNadine's rating of the film Critters

    Alot better then I thought it would be. The bounty hunters made the movie.

  10. Nancarrow's rating of the film Critters

    My childhood film! This was the stuff. I've seen this film more than any other. 'Power of the Night'