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  1. daniroelleb's rating of the film Crooklyn

    Spikes best movie in my opinion.

  2. Apaana's rating of the film Crooklyn

  3. Malik Dowdy's rating of the film Crooklyn

    I think the decision to make this Troy's film was brilliant, she offered a unique perspective that the others could not. Lee had an ability to attack urban life/issues with style, sensitivity, and grace like no other in the 90s. It was pure gold, and we haven't seen anything like it since Lee.

  4. Ghostman's rating of the film Crooklyn

    A humanistic and emotive film that harkens to a lost time gone by and does not insult one's intelligence. A poignant and moving family film that provides great insight into city life and childhood. A beautiful film all in all. Can we just give Spike Lee all the Oscars already? He's one of the best filmmakers we've got in America.

  5. Gabriele Mariotti's rating of the film Crooklyn

    Another bitter-sweet summer at Spike's place.

  6. Justine Vernera's rating of the film Crooklyn

    Didn't love as much as Do The Right Thing, but this is still a well-deserved five.

  7. samuset's rating of the film Crooklyn

    Spike Lee's best film, because it has his usual style and warmth, but manages to convey those without the violence.

  8. Renton47's rating of the film Crooklyn

    A great slice-of-life music video, a nice representation of nostalgia through artifice. The soundtrack is so far past overkill that it succeeds in showing us how film revives memory; the soundtrack adds to the essence of experience rather than the realism. Buoyed by Harris' performance, Lee aces the atmosphere of a family dynamic where both love and toughness are equally educational.

  9.'s rating of the film Crooklyn

    Our Daily Free Stream: Spike Lee - Crooklyn. Versetzen wir uns zurück in das Jahr 1994, denn in diesem Jahr entstand Crooklyn. Crooklyn erinnert sich an die 70er und wie es war, in Brooklyn aufzuwachsen. Aus der Perspektive von 1994 muss es wie ein goldenes Zeitalter gewirkt haben ohne Bandenkriege und Crack... mehr auf

  10. AnnalieseVevo's rating of the film Crooklyn

    Probably one of the Spike's best. funny, touching, realistic, and a lot more personal than most of his more politically charged films. you'll probably cry

  11. Jimmi HRS's rating of the film Crooklyn

    Maybe less complex and direct as Lee's other films, but still a beautiful stirring introspective into family life. Blooming with all the vivacity and confidence that makes us all love Lee's films.

  12. flamingo jones's rating of the film Crooklyn

    Less sophisticated than Lee's films preceding it, but CROOKLYN is a heartwarming, endearing story. Killer soundtrack, too. I enjoyed the coming-of-age story, though I felt like the Troy character could've been more developed.

  13. Polyglot's rating of the film Crooklyn

  14. Justin Senkbile's rating of the film Crooklyn

    This is so major. Overflowing with life and energy. Almost 2 hours and not a single inessential shot. Spike at his most confident. How have I not seen this before?

  15. pieomy's rating of the film Crooklyn

    I love this film. Spike Lee is the greatest. The Partridge Family singalong scene is just the best. 4.5/5.

  16. BENJAMINTO's rating of the film Crooklyn

    A classic childhood mixtape that's stuck with me since I was younger than most of the kids in the film. It falters here and there (the anamorphic lens stuff is more distracting than anything else), but the camerawork is fantastic, the bickering is perfectly-orchestrated, and it features what's easily the greatest pop soundtrack ever assembled for a film.

  17. Natalie Guevara's rating of the film Crooklyn

    sweet, like the more auteur-ish "Soul Food." the scene when all the kids start singing along to the Partridge Family kills me: "I woke up in love this morning!" this movies makes me love my block even more than I already do, I smile extra-hard at my neighboring families.

  18. Lee Bullitt's rating of the film Crooklyn

    4.5 stars, crooklyn is the greatest-how often do you have an accurate account of a black family that doesn't have a black man dressed as an overweight black woman? .. yeah. There is not one african american family that couldn't relate to moments (if not every minute) of this film.