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  1. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Crossroads

    One to watch hand in hand with "A Page of Madness", a near maddening film depicting the cruelty of the time. Kinugasa is a master of early Japanese cinema.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Crossroads

    Un cinéma hautement novateur pour l'époque qui confirme Teinosuke Kinugasa comme un grand parmi les grands et dont la filmographie renferme quelques merveilleuses pépites...

  3. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Crossroads

  4. caitiello's rating of the film Crossroads

    When I saw this, my friend had curated a totally bizarre and anachronistic soundtrack for it and it was amazing, I wish I could share it with you. Do this with your friends for all silent films. But the movie is still unbelievable on its own, strange and frightening and tragic and beautiful.

  5. joey Noodles's rating of the film Crossroads

    This may well be the greatest Japanese silent film I have ever seen, maybe one of the finest silent films, fullstop. Extremely powerful and moving, I was so swept up in its tide, Kinugasa was a real master, it's a huge shame that so much of his work is gone with the wind. 5/5

  6. lupiter's rating of the film Crossroads

    what is this i don't even

  7. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Crossroads

    Every wonder why you fear? Maybe for your sister? For your brother? Maybe you fear blindness? Your lover? Your neighbors? Maybe gangs and prostitutes frighten you? Have authority issues? Maybe you fear cops? Or bullies? Or the rain? Perhaps a phobia for knives? Is your smile too big? Is night ever-long? Well, call Dr. Kinugasa, meet him @ the Crossroads. Relief's in store. O.Dix illustrated screenplays upon request