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  1. ohneeier's rating of the film Crumb

    Impossible not to empathize with Crumb's family and his self-indulgement relative to his moraly peculiar and strange perspectives that go against media's petty puritanical indignation towards them and his comics. It's an intimate documentary where we're driven by Crumb's subconscious through his comics, childhood stories and honest conversations with the camera and his brothers.

  2. lbunuel's rating of the film Crumb

    The issue of ethics of representation is usually faced by the American media with pathetic puritanical outrage, especially when the target is someone as outlandish as Crumb. Although it clearly sides with its protagonist, this film has the guts to bring forth questions without accepting easy condemnations, moral preaching or unthought divinization. This makes the uncomfortable sight of Crumb strangely soothing.

  3. fecalis's rating of the film Crumb

    Trois frères,trois artistes, trois destins différents issus de trois enfants écorchés.Un beau documentaire très émouvant .

  4. Roslyn's rating of the film Crumb

    What a mad, messed up family they. Robert Crumb being the most adroit of three brothers, was also the one who found fame through his work. His brothers though; were equally as talented but lost in a world of mental health issues. I know the work of Crumb fleetingly through Felix the Cat. He did so much more. Absorbing doc and brilliant observation of a sad and complicated family and how art figured in their worlds

  5. Z's rating of the film Crumb

    A personal favorite. A sad, darkly comedic, extraordinary, intimate, fascinating, complex, unbearably honest documentary. Crumb's life and his art are inextricable and feed off each other in increasingly fascinating, perverse and affectingly human ways. Robert tries to play the sardonic, bemused commentator about the whole thing. His brother Charles gives this film it's powerful, bruised, battered, beautiful soul.

  6. Mr. Gumby's rating of the film Crumb

    Do you have a miserable life? Do you think that Robert Crumb's comics are disturbing and depraved? Well, then meet Crumb and his two brothers in this sad, miserable documentary, more miserable and creepy than many of Crumb's characters and stories. What a deep look to a tortured mind, prisoner of his trauma and bizarre obsessions. So honest and so ironically beautiful, this film...

  7. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Crumb

    I'm sorry but Crumb looks like Terry Richardson.

  8. Jenny Coldpussy's rating of the film Crumb

    What makes this so entertaining aren't really the morbid characters that are being interviewed but how candid and articulate they are about their quirks and their dysfunctional childhoods. And the fact that no one ever seems uncomfortable made me wonder if, as interesting as it is, this could just be a lazy documentary showcasing eccentrics instead of, you know...digging deep. But I love it anyway.

  9. Erik F.'s rating of the film Crumb

  10. Max Swanson's rating of the film Crumb

    Endlessly fascinating portrait of a talented, deeply flawed and singular personality.

  11. Ethan's rating of the film Crumb

    This is a brilliant documentary that perfectly captures the personality and essence of this vibrant artist.

  12. tyb's rating of the film Crumb

    Intensely fascinating portrait of a hugely influential artist. As interesting as Crumb himself is, he pales in comparison to some of his family members, and the opportunity to get a look into his past and current family life alone is well worth watching it, even if you have no interest in Crumb's comics.

  13. Francisco R.'s rating of the film Crumb

    Much of the brilliance showcased in this documentary stems directly from the tortured, deeply flawed geniuses of all three Crumb brothers. Borderline schizophrenics in their childhood, only Robert managed to exorcise his demons entirely thorugh very detailed, bizarre yet masterful drawings of his all-dominating sexual neurosis, that of which his two brothers were hopeless victims. The epilogue is sad and shocking.

  14. El Biffo's rating of the film Crumb

    Screened at the Jerusalem Film Festival and I had drinks with Robert and Alene Crumb after.

  15. ennui.'s rating of the film Crumb

    I'm not so sure. Behind these filthy bunch of men dunno what to say. Charles seemed to be a different mind apart all that bad past. I'm not a supporter any kind of issues goin' on there. But this is a documentary about some kind of sad life.

  16. Aardsy's rating of the film Crumb

    Uninhibited, strange, uncomfortable, wonderful.

  17. Glue Sniffer's rating of the film Crumb

  18. kubrickhallway's rating of the film Crumb

    An exemplary documentary; Zwigoff should be making more films.

  19.'s rating of the film Crumb

    Our Daily Free Stream: Die Doku Crumb wirkt wie das Gipfeltreffen zweier Exzentriker: Der Cartoonist Robert Crumb trifft auf den Regisseur Terry Zwigoff. Beide teilen die Liebe für 78er Schallplatten aus den 20ern und spielten sogar gemeinsam in einer Band... (mehr auf

  20. Daniel Iván's rating of the film Crumb

    This movie goes way beyond the "biopic" concept and offers a detailed portrait of the art and motivations of Robert Crumb. It also gives a glimpse of the fascinating mind of Crumb's schizophrenic brother, perhaps the most endearing character of the movie. Fantastic!

  21. daftnymph's rating of the film Crumb

    "how perfectly goddamned delightful it all is, to be sure"

  22. ihor's rating of the film Crumb

    An intimate encounter into a true reclusive of a modern artist. A refreshing film that provides proof that the fascinating alienated, lost and disgusted characters prevalent in fiction truly exist within society trying to squirm away from it's trappings. The the difficulty to conform to social norms within society leading to a mixture of depression, surrealism, and the importance of art is also explored.

  23. consuelo's rating of the film Crumb

  24. Maria Aestas's rating of the film Crumb

    It´s good but I wouldn´t recommend watching it. Talking about dark and painfull.

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