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  1. Photo of Al Viola

    Al Viola Director

  2. Photo of Arne Sucksdorff

    Arne Sucksdorff Director

  3. Photo of Roy Boulting

    Roy Boulting Director

  4. Photo of Graham Billing

    Graham Billing Screenplay

  5. Photo of Henry Trettin

    Henry Trettin Producer

  6. Photo of Edward Scaife

    Edward Scaife Cinematography

  7. Photo of Harry Waxman

    Harry Waxman Cinematography

  8. Photo of John Addison

    John Addison Music

  9. Photo of Tony Masters

    Tony Masters Production Design

  10. Photo of Bernard Gribble

    Bernard Gribble Editing

  11. Photo of John Furniss

    John Furniss Costume Design

  12. Photo of James Shields

    James Shields Sound

  13. Photo of John Hurt

    John Hurt Cast

  14. Photo of Hayley Mills

    Hayley Mills Cast

  15. Photo of Dudley Sutton

    Dudley Sutton Cast

  16. Photo of Tony Britton

    Tony Britton Cast

  17. Photo of Thorley Walters

    Thorley Walters Cast

  18. Photo of Judy Campbell

    Judy Campbell Cast

  19. Photo of Joss Ackland

    Joss Ackland Cast

  20. Photo of Nicholas Pennell

    Nicholas Pennell Cast

  21. Photo of Avril Angers

    Avril Angers Cast

  22. Photo of Cyril Luckham

    Cyril Luckham Cast

  23. Photo of Sally Geeson

    Sally Geeson Cast

  24. Photo of Brian Oulton

    Brian Oulton Cast

  25. Photo of Salmaan Peer

    Salmaan Peer Cast

  26. Photo of Hugh Moxey

    Hugh Moxey Cast

  27. Photo of Norman Claridge

    Norman Claridge Cast

  28. Photo of John Comer

    John Comer Cast

  29. Photo of Marianne Stone

    Marianne Stone Cast

  30. Photo of Amanda Steer

    Amanda Steer Cast

  31. Photo of Andy Robins

    Andy Robins Cast

  32. Photo of Geraldine Sherman

    Geraldine Sherman Cast

  33. Photo of Lew Luton

    Lew Luton Cast

  34. Photo of Burnell Tucker

    Burnell Tucker Cast

  35. Photo of Richard Bond

    Richard Bond Cast

  36. Photo of Margaret Lacey

    Margaret Lacey Cast

  37. Photo of Jumoke Debayo

    Jumoke Debayo Cast