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  1. Photo of Enzo G. Castellari

    Enzo G. Castellari Director

  2. Photo of Luciano Vincenzoni

    Luciano Vincenzoni Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sergio Donati

    Sergio Donati Screenplay

  4. Photo of Miguel De Echarri

    Miguel De Echarri Screenplay

  5. Photo of Franco Nero

    Franco Nero Cast

  6. Photo of Sterling Hayden

    Sterling Hayden Cast

  7. Photo of Martin Balsam

    Martin Balsam Cast

  8. Photo of Emma Cohen

    Emma Cohen Cast

  9. Photo of Leo Anchóriz

    Leo Anchóriz Cast

  10. Photo of Romano Puppo

    Romano Puppo Cast

  11. Photo of Nazzareno Zamperla

    Nazzareno Zamperla Cast

  12. Photo of Massimo Vanni

    Massimo Vanni Cast

  13. Photo of Helmut Brasch

    Helmut Brasch Cast

  14. Photo of Duilio Cruciani

    Duilio Cruciani Cast

  15. Photo of Fernando Castro

    Fernando Castro Cast

  16. Photo of David Warbeck

    David Warbeck Cast

  17. Photo of George Rigaud

    George Rigaud Cast

  18. Photo of Alejandro Ulloa

    Alejandro Ulloa Cinematography

  19. Photo of Guido De Angelis

    Guido De Angelis Music

  20. Photo of Maurizio De Angelis

    Maurizio De Angelis Music

  21. Photo of Alberto Boccianti

    Alberto Boccianti Production Design

  22. Photo of Zev Braun

    Zev Braun Producer

  23. Photo of Carlo Ponti

    Carlo Ponti Producer

  24. Photo of Giancarlo Pettini

    Giancarlo Pettini Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Ronald A. Tash

    Ronald A. Tash Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Gianfranco Amicucci

    Gianfranco Amicucci Editing