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  1. Photo of Christophe Gans

    Christophe Gans Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Thierry Cazals

    Thierry Cazals Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kazuo Koike

    Kazuo Koike Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ryoichi Ikegami

    Ryoichi Ikegami Screenplay

  5. Photo of Roger Avary

    Roger Avary Screenplay

  6. Photo of Mark Dacascos

    Mark Dacascos Cast

  7. Photo of Julie Condra

    Julie Condra Cast

  8. Photo of Chong Rae Dawn

    Chong Rae Dawn Cast

  9. Photo of Byron Mann

    Byron Mann Cast

  10. Photo of Masaya Kato

    Masaya Kato Cast

  11. Photo of Kevan Ohtsji

    Kevan Ohtsji Cast

  12. Photo of Mako (Iwamatsu)

    Mako (Iwamatsu) Cast

  13. Photo of Tchéky Karyo

    Tchéky Karyo Cast

  14. Photo of Yoko Shimada

    Yoko Shimada Cast

  15. Photo of Thomas Burstyn

    Thomas Burstyn Cinematography

  16. Photo of Patrick O'Hearn

    Patrick O'Hearn Music

  17. Photo of Douglas Higgins

    Douglas Higgins Production Design

  18. Photo of Alex McDowell

    Alex McDowell Production Design

  19. Photo of Samuel Hadida

    Samuel Hadida Producer

  20. Photo of Brian Yuzna

    Brian Yuzna Producer

  21. Photo of Victor Hadida

    Victor Hadida Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Takashige Ichise

    Takashige Ichise Executive Producer

  23. Photo of Christopher Roth

    Christopher Roth Editing

  24. Photo of David Wu

    David Wu Editing

  25. Photo of Toni Burroughs-Rutter

    Toni Burroughs-Rutter Costume Design