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  1. Photo of Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

    Tomás Gutiérrez Alea Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Margarita Alexandre

    Margarita Alexandre Producer

  3. Photo of Onelio Jorge Cardoso

    Onelio Jorge Cardoso Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jacques Roumain

    Jacques Roumain Screenplay

  5. Photo of Ramón F. Suárez

    Ramón F. Suárez Cinematography

  6. Photo of Ti Bombon

    Ti Bombon Cast

  7. Photo of Catti

    Catti Cast

  8. Photo of Elvira Cervera

    Elvira Cervera Cast

  9. Photo of Martha Evans

    Martha Evans Cast

  10. Photo of Polinise Jean

    Polinise Jean Cast

  11. Photo of Lorenzo Louiz

    Lorenzo Louiz Cast

  12. Photo of Ambroise Macombe

    Ambroise Macombe Cast

  13. Photo of Leonardo Morales

    Leonardo Morales Cast

  14. Photo of Victoria Nápoles

    Victoria Nápoles Cast

  15. Photo of Emilio O'Farrill

    Emilio O'Farrill Cast

  16. Photo of Jorge Prieto

    Jorge Prieto Cast

  17. Photo of Pequi Pérez

    Pequi Pérez Cast

  18. Photo of Rafael Sosa

    Rafael Sosa Cast

  19. Photo of Dalia Timitoc

    Dalia Timitoc Cast

  20. Photo of Luis Varela

    Luis Varela Cast

  21. Photo of Teté Vergara

    Teté Vergara Cast

  22. Photo of Mario González

    Mario González Editing

  23. Photo of Amparo Laucirica

    Amparo Laucirica Editing

  24. Photo of Salvador Fernández

    Salvador Fernández Production Design

  25. Photo of Tata Güines

    Tata Güines Music

  26. Photo of Papito Hernández

    Papito Hernández Music

  27. Photo of Enrique Simón

    Enrique Simón Music

  28. Photo of Oscar Valdés

    Oscar Valdés Music

  29. Photo of Elba Pérez

    Elba Pérez Costume Design