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  1. Kornovska's rating of the film Curling

    Déprimant et malaisant à mort.

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Curling

    The austere, minimalist motives of the cinema of Denis Cote are well represented in this narrative film concerning a reclusive man and his pre-teen daughter living in a small community on the south shore outside Montreal. But not surprisingly this is not really a film about plot with several strands of story left hanging but more about invoking a feeling and leaving meaning up to the viewer.

  3. EdieEmm's rating of the film Curling

    Rich, deeply tender, also brusque, aloof, inscrutable. It's our compulsion to secrecy, which feels somehow set against nature; stoic. And that fight... (But the innate, universal force, it tends outward, doesn't it? It's us who resist, draw back in) A dialectic? Maybe just a balance. Explains how the film manages tension w/out being 'taut'. Visceral sound design. Sensitive AF. Julyvonne/Tiffany spoke to 12yr old me..

  4. tinderness's rating of the film Curling

    Die Einsamkeit kann übermächtig werden, sie hat ihre eigenen Gesetze und Verläufe. Dieser Film ist nicht so sehr über eine Vater - Tochter Beziehung als vielmehr die Suche nach dem Leben. Berührende Szenen und eine Handlung, die aus sich selbst wächst und keine großen Hintergründe braucht. Es ist nicht wichtig, woher die Toten kommen, sind sie doch immer rund um uns. Ein großartiger Film über den Abgrund in uns.

  5. easypz's rating of the film Curling

    Wintry domestic drama of emotional thaw -- a cliché, not much refreshed. Art film convention leaves context to imagination; idea being we absorb muted emotion more keenly if we substantially inform it. Risk: we must imagine so much context, emotion feels ungrounded in meaningful experience. Fine acting has effect but vague pathology + enigmatic coincidence of nearby bodies (etc.) for me made whole feel too contrived.

  6. Durandré's rating of the film Curling

  7. catweinz's rating of the film Curling

    glauque et abscons ! dialogues en canadien incompréhensibles (il faudrait au moins des sous-titres)

  8. Rustam Chartrand Mendeleev's rating of the film Curling

  9. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Curling

    A movie that feels like it's constantly on the cusp of pulling itself together, about an arm-length from greatness, but which never quite gets there. Still, I'm excited to see more from Denis Côté. Curling was worth it alone for the shot of the father and daughter walking through the blizzard, which I hope will haunt me forever.

  10. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Curling

    A mysterious and a reserved film. Just like its main characters.

  11. fearraigh's rating of the film Curling

    As ever with Côté, a handsomely-made film and it intrigues for its first hour. A shame it peters out in overly-mannered obscurancy thereafter though. I'm all for mystery and unanswered questions in films but Curling seems to make a virtue of them just because it can. A beautiful but frustrating film.

  12. captainfez's rating of the film Curling

    Now I know all about those interminable northern winters.

  13. FISCHER's rating of the film Curling

    De la froidure humaine en frimas canadiens, une oeuvre québécoise intense et raffinée, en apparence amorphe et autiste qui, avec lenteur et patience, en se décongelant de ses oripeaux de réitérative banalité et de fausse futilité, nous laisse découvrir sa puissante richesse narrative et psychologique, dans l'expression cinématographique du malaise, des questionnements et des égarements relationnels

  14. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Curling

  15. Philippe Dumez's rating of the film Curling

    A la fois absurde et grave. La photographie est superbe et les acteurs sont fantastiques. Un film qui donne envie de découvrir le reste de la filmographie de Denis Côté.

  16. boqqua's rating of the film Curling

    the thing I couldn't see in this film but could imagine would remain very long time.

  17. Bruce Carter's rating of the film Curling

    We're left with many unresolved situations... kind of like real life...

  18. panagiotatos's rating of the film Curling

    incoherent plot, leaves many points unclear, it could be better with a little effort.

  19. Agnieska F's rating of the film Curling

  20. atimie's rating of the film Curling

  21. Ma-rewind's rating of the film Curling

    Déroutant et captivant. J'ai apprécié l'approche assez fine de la psychologie de cette relation père-fille. On s'attache aux protagonistes malgré leurs "tares", leurs faiblesses inquiétantes... Réussi!

  22. Denis Sedgwick's rating of the film Curling

    J'ai mis un peu de temps à entrer dans ce film rempli de silence et d’intrigue. Tout tourne autour de la relation entre un père et sa fille, protégée du monde. Les paysages sont magnifiques.

  23. PL Racine's rating of the film Curling

    Denis Côté est une voix unique du cinéma québécois et on aime l'entendre.

  24. Olivier Serafinowicz's rating of the film Curling

    Grim. 1.5, mais j'abandonne le curling. Ca manque de relief!

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