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  1. Photo of Irving Cummings

    Irving Cummings Director

  2. Photo of Patterson McNutt

    Patterson McNutt Screenplay

  3. Photo of Arthur J. Beckhard

    Arthur J. Beckhard Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jean Webster

    Jean Webster Screenplay

  5. Photo of William M. Conselman

    William M. Conselman Screenplay

  6. Photo of Sonya Levien

    Sonya Levien Screenplay

  7. Photo of James Parrott

    James Parrott Screenplay

  8. Photo of Shirley Temple

    Shirley Temple Cast

  9. Photo of John Boles

    John Boles Cast

  10. Photo of Rochelle Hudson

    Rochelle Hudson Cast

  11. Photo of Jane Darwell

    Jane Darwell Cast

  12. Photo of Rafaela Ottiano

    Rafaela Ottiano Cast

  13. Photo of John F. Seitz

    John F. Seitz Cinematography

  14. Photo of Ray Henderson

    Ray Henderson Music

  15. Photo of R.H. Bassett

    R.H. Bassett Music

  16. Photo of Hugo Friedhofer

    Hugo Friedhofer Music

  17. Photo of Arthur Lange

    Arthur Lange Music

  18. Photo of Jack Otterson

    Jack Otterson Production Design

  19. Photo of Winfield R. Sheehan

    Winfield R. Sheehan Producer

  20. Photo of Jack Murray

    Jack Murray Editing