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  1. Photo of José Buchs

    José Buchs Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Pedro Antonio de Alarcón

    Pedro Antonio de Alarcón Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joaquín Dicenta

    Joaquín Dicenta Screenplay

  4. Photo of Manuel Paso

    Manuel Paso Screenplay

  5. Photo of RLaura Pinillos

    RLaura Pinillos Cast

  6. Photo of Ricardo Galache

    Ricardo Galache Cast

  7. Photo of Angelina Bretón

    Angelina Bretón Cast

  8. Photo of María Comendador

    María Comendador Cast

  9. Photo of José Montenegro

    José Montenegro Cast

  10. Photo of Ramón Meca

    Ramón Meca Cast

  11. Photo of Antonio Gil Varela 'Varillas'

    Antonio Gil Varela 'Varillas' Cast

  12. Photo of María Anaya

    María Anaya Cast

  13. Photo of Mariano Aguilar

    Mariano Aguilar Cast

  14. Photo of Luisito Armenta y Medina

    Luisito Armenta y Medina Cast

  15. Photo of Alfredo Corcuera

    Alfredo Corcuera Cast

  16. Photo of José María Lado

    José María Lado Cast

  17. Photo of Celso Lucio

    Celso Lucio Cast

  18. Photo of Manuel Montenegro

    Manuel Montenegro Cast

  19. Photo of Fernando Roldán

    Fernando Roldán Cast

  20. Photo of Manuel San Germán

    Manuel San Germán Cast

  21. Photo of José María Maristany

    José María Maristany Cinematography

  22. Photo of Emilio Pozuelo

    Emilio Pozuelo Production Design