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  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    The series has never been more straight-faced as in this film. It's also the first of the series that's slow (perhaps dull) in its establishment of characters and setting up Chucky as alive, and it's even in one location only. Works best as a remake, as it doesn't have the fast pace and fun expectations of the series, but it's quite different. The series is best when recognizing its inane concept with comedy, though.

  2. MXN BWN's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    I can't believe I watched this.. I knew what to expect, I just couldn't help myself.

  3. Lourenço Crespo's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

  4. The Macho King's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    A 2.5 stars movie,and will never come close to the heights of the landmark original or even the campy sequel in the franchise.There was lot i didn't like about this,but in the end i found some aspects in this entry that were mildly amusing.Recommended to ONLY diehard fans/or just a EXTREMELY bored horror aficionado.

  5. Ricky Robertson Jr.'s rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    Not content to be your standard DTV sequel, this one creatively builds on the series' lore and shows that the Child's Play franchise can still work as serious horror. Visually, it has a distracting oversaturated "haunted mansion" look that doesn't feel quite right for the series. But, its slow buildup, creative kills, and overall reverence for the franchise make it a worthy addition.

  6. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    2.5 Watchable. Probably the most watchable in the franchise.

  7. JackButcher's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    This return to the series is watchable, it aims to draw a lot from the original film, in terms of being more outright horror.

  8. cacophagy's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

  9. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    Aside from the film trying to tack on about four endings - and a post-credit scene contradictory to the pre-credit scene, this is a pretty solid film, reminding me why I love the franchise in the first place.

  10. girlsonvhs's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    chucky looks like he's been through a lot

  11. msmichel's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    While not of a caliber to relaunch the series 'Curse' is an entertaining enough way to kill an hour and a half. Gore quotient is medium and script does go to the trouble of tying in the stories and characters of previous installments. Fiona Dourif is quite good in the lead with everyone else basically horror film fodder. Make sure you watch past the credits though.

  12. NetaGrizzly's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    Without a doubt the best in the series since the original. Very well shot, well written, and a nice change of pace from the comedy that's dominated the series since 3. Loved the opening and reveal of the scarred Chucky look. All in all, entertaining. Way better than expected. Should have been released theatrically.

  13. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    It's like an amateur film but final moments are surprisingly interesting. like final after final; reminded me of lotr: rotk. even post credit scene has its' twist. the whole idea is well but the film is not. neverending cliches, stupid long zooms; not even film school students use them. it's a shame for Don Mancini. The only nice thing is Fiona Dourif. The worst thing is Chucky and CGI. They killed Chucky legacy. RIP

  14. Joshua's rating of the film Curse of Chucky

    I liked this one more than 3 and 5, but it's the most dull looking in the series. The end is also convoluted. I mean, clearly it's after 5 but then... All of the references to past characters shows that this one had a love for the series, but aside from the excellent dinner scene and survivor fate, it mostly felt like the DTV picture it was.