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  1. Photo of Carlos Aured

    Carlos Aured Director

  2. Photo of Edward Mannix

    Edward Mannix Screenplay

  3. Photo of María Silva

    María Silva Cast

  4. Photo of Paul Naschy

    Paul Naschy Cast and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Fabiola Falcón

    Fabiola Falcón Cast

  6. Photo of Eduardo Calvo

    Eduardo Calvo Cast

  7. Photo of Mariano Vidal Molina

    Mariano Vidal Molina Cast

  8. Photo of Maritza Olivares

    Maritza Olivares Cast

  9. Photo of José Manuel Martín

    José Manuel Martín Cast

  10. Photo of Elsa Zabala

    Elsa Zabala Cast

  11. Photo of Ana Farra

    Ana Farra Cast

  12. Photo of Fernando Sánchez Polack

    Fernando Sánchez Polack Cast

  13. Photo of Inés Morales

    Inés Morales Cast

  14. Photo of Santiago Rivero

    Santiago Rivero Cast

  15. Photo of Pilar Vela

    Pilar Vela Cast

  16. Photo of José Yepes

    José Yepes Cast

  17. Photo of Francisco Sánchez

    Francisco Sánchez Cinematography

  18. Photo of Antón García Abril

    Antón García Abril Music

  19. Photo of Luis Méndez

    Luis Méndez Producer

  20. Photo of Ramiro Meléndez

    Ramiro Meléndez Producer

  21. Photo of María Luisa Soriano

    María Luisa Soriano Editing