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  1. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film Cut

  2. paxy's rating of the film Cut

  3. bagno's rating of the film Cut

    banalità su banalità e discorsetti sterili. lo so che vi sentite compiaciuti quando citano il vostro film preferito

  4. Alex's rating of the film Cut

  5. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Cut

    Un defensor del cine como arte "literalmente" será golpeado y humillado por eso que representa (en el Japón) el cine comercial. El (género) yakuza o mafia como el gran antagónico del filme. "Cut" es una especie de representación extrema sobre las dinámicas del cine de autor versus las grandes industrias, aquellas que manejan el mercado, te engatuzan, te enduedan y que encima de violentarte, te cobran el alquiler.

  6. Ferah's rating of the film Cut

    Why it is taking so long to be released on DVD?

  7. Ramin Shirali's rating of the film Cut

    @ZHULIA This would probably be a good explanation why he did his movie this way: It's a discussion with him during the Venice Film Festival.

  8. Simon So's rating of the film Cut

  9. Donato Bozzuto's rating of the film Cut

    This movie is an allegory: it represents the struggle independent cinema is going through when fronting the gigantic Hollywood industry, and eventually succumbing to it. If you're brave enough to make it through the whole thing until the pathetic finale, you'll get the change to witness one of the worst movies of the last 20 years. Seriously, don't bother, it fucking sucks.

  10. R i M.'s rating of the film Cut

  11. suspiria's rating of the film Cut

    I want that list of 100 movies.

  12. Markus Keuschnigg's rating of the film Cut

    A flawed but still fascinating Japanese film by Iranian director Amir Naderi: in order to pay off the debts of his recently murdered brother a Tokyo cinephile, who organizes guerilla screenings of classics on the rooftop of his apartment house, becomes the punching bag for a yakuza gang. Highly repetitive and hard to stomach, "Cut" is way too long, but still impresses as a solid work by a maverick director.

  13. ksmred2's rating of the film Cut

    It's a very good film in which I echo a lot of the director's sentiments, but I still don't understand what Amir's idea of pure cinema is. Great films? Old films? Art films? Personal films? Cinema is cinema. That's that.

  14. Regis's rating of the film Cut

  15. Zhuliya's rating of the film Cut

    I see what the director wanted to say, but he said it in all the wrong (and BORING!) way. Film is both art and entertainment? So why is his film so slow-paced and the opposite of entertaining, with a guy getting punches on the face for the whole 2 hours? It's a pity because the first minutes of the film are really great, but then when the real story kicks off, it gets annoyingly repetitive.

  16. engin yd's rating of the film Cut

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