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  1. Axel Toscano Casillas's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Interesante como muestra el poder de los medios de publicidad y el impacto que causa en todos los aspectos de nuestra vida...

  2. El Abuelo Kraken's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Una cinta que nos deja ver cual es el verdadero poder de la publicidad y cómo una campaña bien dirigida puede mover a las masas a tomar acciones. En este caso vemos a unos chicos que inventan un supermercado o mall llamado Sueño Checo, pero el fondo va más allá y nos invita a pensar que tanto hay de verdad en la propaganda gubernamental, los objetivos que tiene y los peligros que ello conlleva.

  3. Patxe's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Más que un experimento social, este documental termina siendo un ejercicio de soberbia.

  4. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Interesting exercise, although it really proves that advertising/marketing is not the evil element on the equation... it's the dick-heads behind the campaign. (For further elaboration see Reitman's "Thank You For Smoking")

  5. roromancl's rating of the film Czech Dream

    An excellent cinematic experiment. Felt sorry for the people that got takem!

  6. andraberila's rating of the film Czech Dream

    I was amazed by how people reacted. We know more then we use. We know the truth, but we like to hope that things are better than they are. Very interesting film!

  7. gerosanchez's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Vivimos en ciudades globalizadas a costa del consumo. Interesante ejercicio para entender cómo se construyen las grandes marcas; y sí, la gente puede pagar fortunas por el valor simbólico de un eslogan o logotipo.

  8. Georgiana.Oh's rating of the film Czech Dream

    A mega-billboard on the ceiling stating that God was great. It was done for dough. It was made to order and it's art.

  9. Calpher Rockoso's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Una buena manera de atracción de las masas, un impacto social en la República Checa pero si deja un sabor de boca insípido.

  10. Artropo's rating of the film Czech Dream

    It manages to confront you with modern machines that produce kinds of truths: what are you willing to accept/recognize as true? As other reviewer pointed out, they proved a believable ad gathers people, yes; but not too far away is the notion of modern domains of inquiry (academia, education, economics, politics, etc.) that produce their own kinds of 'truths'. At least these students allowed you to see the mask.

  11. jerryasecas's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Una muy buena critica social al mundo de la publicidad, consumismo y educación.

  12. Fausto Octavio's rating of the film Czech Dream

  13. Víctor Vigueras's rating of the film Czech Dream

    En estos tiempos la publicidad nos rige.

  14. Charlie's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Valió la pena ver este documental. Siempre me ha asustado lo poderosa que es la publicidad y lo sencillo que es manipular a las personas. Interesante cómo lo trata este documental.

  15. Martin Larsson's rating of the film Czech Dream

  16. Gabriele Taddei's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Cosa può il potere dei mass media? Come ci lasciamo influenzare da esso e come rifiutiamo infine la nostra manovrabilità?

  17. Simone Alborghetti's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Ci facciamo persuadere e mentire continuamente dalle grandi multinazionali e finché tutto questo rimane nascosto dietro un vetro non ci importa. Il problema nasce quando qualcuno cerca di romperlo.

  18. Denise's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Bellissimo, dovrebbero far vedere questo documentario tutti gli anni in tutte le scuole!

  19. Micaela's rating of the film Czech Dream

    Adorabili, come avrebbe detto Pasolini. Film documentario importante per "chi lo fa" ma soprattutto per chi lo "subisce", seppur nel ruolo dei secondi è più difficile (impossibile ad oggi?) accettarlo.

  20. alvaro03's rating of the film Czech Dream

    No se entiende que es lo que se intenta demostrar engañando masivamente la buena voluntad de la gente que cree en una campaña de publicidad que para mayor mortificación ha sido financiada generosamente con fondos publicos. La unica conclusión que saco del documental es lo pacifico de los buenos checos. Si esto ocurre en España aseguro que estos no salen vivos del "Czech Dream". Muy mala y eticamente miserable

  21. Nikola Matić's rating of the film Czech Dream

  22. Vicente L. Sepúlveda's rating of the film Czech Dream

    The political implications are interesting in context, but the premise is not well thought. It's no news that advertising works and there is no strong reason for people to doubt the existence of a product in a believable ad. So why would anyone be surprised that people actually went? Is showing 2000 people in the opening day of an hypermarket which offers really cheap prices a critique on consumerism? Im not so sure.

  23. Matt Bowden's rating of the film Czech Dream

    A witty, thoughtful antidote to the constant barrage of advertising and consumerism that most of us now face. This is a film whose overtly political message promotes a skeptical attitude not only to the advertising industry, but also to the way in which modern electoral politics operates in a similar, consumerist way. More narrative cohesion and polished photography would greatly improve this otherwise decent film.

  24. S.J.B.'s rating of the film Czech Dream

    Shallow. The concept is incredible and the social commentary of it doesn't need to be spelled out -- it's smart. The issue lies in the filmmaking: the filmmakers are barely profiled, emphasis is awkwardly shifted amongst sub-concepts that are half-assed, and the ending is just as much of an anticlimactic fluke as the actual hoax. Some people were mad. So what? The film doesn't care. They unveiled and they bailed.

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