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  1. Photo of Jack Lemmon

    Jack Lemmon Cast

  2. Photo of Zakes Mokae

    Zakes Mokae Cast

  3. Photo of Olympia Dukakis

    Olympia Dukakis Cast

  4. Photo of Kathy Baker

    Kathy Baker Cast

  5. Photo of Kevin Spacey

    Kevin Spacey Cast

  6. Photo of Ethan Hawke

    Ethan Hawke Cast

  7. Photo of J.T. Walsh

    J.T. Walsh Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Michael Goetz

    Peter Michael Goetz Cast

  9. Photo of John Apicella

    John Apicella Cast

  10. Photo of Richard McGonagle

    Richard McGonagle Cast

  11. Photo of Bill Morey

    Bill Morey Cast

  12. Photo of Mary Fogarty

    Mary Fogarty Cast

  13. Photo of Art Frankel

    Art Frankel Cast

  14. Photo of Ray Girardin

    Ray Girardin Cast

  15. Photo of Vickilyn Reynolds

    Vickilyn Reynolds Cast

  16. Photo of Edith Fields

    Edith Fields Cast

  17. Photo of Takayo Fischer

    Takayo Fischer Cast

  18. Photo of Andi Chapman

    Andi Chapman Cast

  19. Photo of Erin Strom

    Erin Strom Cast

  20. Photo of Lisa Rae

    Lisa Rae Cast

  21. Photo of Emily Kuroda

    Emily Kuroda Cast

  22. Photo of Gregory Itzin

    Gregory Itzin Cast

  23. Photo of Jan Munroe

    Jan Munroe Cast

  24. Photo of Charles Stransky

    Charles Stransky Cast

  25. Photo of Jan Kiesser

    Jan Kiesser Cinematography

  26. Photo of James Horner

    James Horner Music

  27. Photo of Jackson De Govia

    Jackson De Govia Production Design

  28. Photo of Gary David Goldberg

    Gary David Goldberg Producer, Director Screenplay

  29. Photo of Joseph Stern

    Joseph Stern Producer

  30. Photo of Kathleen Kennedy

    Kathleen Kennedy Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Frank Marshall

    Frank Marshall Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Steven Spielberg

    Steven Spielberg Executive Producer

  33. Photo of Eric A. Sears

    Eric A. Sears Editing

  34. Photo of Molly Maginnis

    Molly Maginnis Costume Design