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  1. Photo of Tofiq Tagizada

    Tofiq Tagizada Director

  2. Photo of Anar

    Anar Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rasim İsmayılov

    Rasim İsmayılov Cinematography

  4. Photo of Nadir Zeynalov

    Nadir Zeynalov Production Design

  5. Photo of Emin Sabitoğlu

    Emin Sabitoğlu Music

  6. Photo of Vladimir Savin

    Vladimir Savin Sound

  7. Photo of Tamara Narimanbayova

    Tamara Narimanbayova Editing

  8. Photo of Hasan Mammadov

    Hasan Mammadov Cast

  9. Photo of Haşim Qadoyev

    Haşim Qadoyev Cast

  10. Photo of Rasim Balayev

    Rasim Balayev Cast

  11. Photo of Givi Toxadze

    Givi Toxadze Cast

  12. Photo of Hamlet Qurbanov

    Hamlet Qurbanov Cast

  13. Photo of Leyla Şıxlinskaya

    Leyla Şıxlinskaya Cast

  14. Photo of Şafiqa Mammadova

    Şafiqa Mammadova Cast

  15. Photo of Inara Quliyeva

    Inara Quliyeva Cast

  16. Photo of Elçin Mammadov

    Elçin Mammadov Cast

  17. Photo of Farhad Yusifov

    Farhad Yusifov Cast

  18. Photo of Dinara Yusifova

    Dinara Yusifova Cast

  19. Photo of Ali Haqverdiyev

    Ali Haqverdiyev Cast

  20. Photo of Gündüz Abbasov

    Gündüz Abbasov Cast

  21. Photo of Afrasiyab Mammadov

    Afrasiyab Mammadov Cast

  22. Photo of Mikayil Mirza

    Mikayil Mirza Cast