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  1. The Critic-One's rating of the film Daddy's Home 2

    Italian Review | #RecensNO

  2. Mr.Rager's rating of the film Daddy's Home 2

    Not as good as the first one but still this sequel had some funny moments that made me laugh hard. The story doesn't follow something particular and only focuses on the interaction between the dads, hoping that from there good jokes will come out. The bromance between Wahlberg and Ferrell is genuine and for sure thats the main asset of those two movies. Annoyed because I didnt know it was a Christmas movie. 5.25/10

  3. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film Daddy's Home 2

    What can I say, I'm an infinite Christmas sucker, thanks forever to my late dad.

  4. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Daddy's Home 2

    oooh my... when the dads arrive - wtf..?! :O

  5. chanandre's rating of the film Daddy's Home 2

    My sides did split. Co-parenting. man-on-man "oh-hi" kissing. cutting cellphone towers. novelists as assholes. feelings-shaming.'Do they know it's christmas?' sing-alongs. Solving bullying, brats & thug stepdad violence with 'I LOVE YOU'. The mirror scene+the thermostat scene. The Gibson-Whalberg kiss will come down as The most shocking movie moment of 2017. Conservatives will lose their shit. Adorably iconoclast-y.♡