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  1. Photo of Rasmus Ottesen

    Rasmus Ottesen Director and Cast

  2. Photo of Carl Theodor Dreyer

    Carl Theodor Dreyer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Viggo Cavling

    Viggo Cavling Screenplay

  4. Photo of Olaf Fønss

    Olaf Fønss Cast

  5. Photo of Emilie Sannom

    Emilie Sannom Cast

  6. Photo of Richard Jensen

    Richard Jensen Cast

  7. Photo of Jacoba Jessen

    Jacoba Jessen Cast

  8. Photo of Vanda Mathiesen

    Vanda Mathiesen Cast

  9. Photo of Elna Panduro

    Elna Panduro Cast

  10. Photo of Peter S. Andersen

    Peter S. Andersen Cast

  11. Photo of Stella Lind

    Stella Lind Cast

  12. Photo of Tippe Lumbye

    Tippe Lumbye Cast

  13. Photo of Adam Johansen

    Adam Johansen Cinematography